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Posted by : Allan_Dell on Sunday, March 6, 2016 | 1:40 AM


The start:

The www.dailymathguide.com/ was started in the middle of the summer of 2012. This arose with the assistance of a good friend who is also a blogger. This site was the former allmathsolver.blogspot.com before its domain was registered to www.dailymathguide.com/. It was from different factors that this site was quite naive from the others. The author of this site was influenced by different views on mathematics and its philosophy of human life.


This site was intended for those who are under the fear of Mathematics. The main reason drives the author to make this academic craft is to contribute mathematical ideas to the students and or learners who want to see how mathematics looks the same in their mind and how mathematics differs. There are a lot of faces math portrays, reasons to every mind points different judgment. Those who are really inclined with the subject find math easy, except for those who are non-math related subjects. Dailymathguide.com accepts recommendations to compensate difficulties of every viewer. Through posts from the site's comment box, the author pulses how the public lived with mathematics day to day.

To the students:

The site was half made of student-author relations. The book usually presents mathematical ideas without direct consultation from the students' readiness for the subject thus both sides don't meet the same way. Here, the student is able to ask the author himself via "comments", by letting the author check answers through comments submission. The dialog would be universal knowing that this can be seen and exposed to the public. Students can do discussions or share thoughts about the subject matter posted on every site's page.

To Teachers:

The www.dailymathguide.com/ invites teacher(s) to write their idea on how to inject math into every student's mind. the author can not see how the other side of math would be relevant. Just contact the site's author allanjaketorres@gmail.com. We can make a forum to discuss or review any math-related issues. Is it really true that students who are good at communication find math difficult or vice-versa? If so, how we could embed math into their communication? The author of this site also invites other contributors even those not mathematically related as long as it generates the logical side of learners, say logicians

People would subscribe to our math website because we provide a valuable resource for improving their mathematical knowledge and skills. Our website offers a variety of educational resources, including tutorials, videos, and practice exercises, that are designed to help individuals of all levels enhance their understanding of math concepts. Additionally, our website is regularly updated with the latest news and developments in the field of mathematics, which can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to stay current with the latest trends and advances. Subscribing to our website also provides an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who share an interest in math, as well as participate in online discussions and forums. Overall, subscribing to our math website is a great way to stay informed, engaged, and motivated in the pursuit of mathematical knowledge and skills.

Subjects Available:

Please hit one to visit.

To the Public:

We are encouraging the public to join the company's development by simply liking or joining its social networking sites. Visit the widgets and contribute a little by telling us what you have saw that can make this site helpful to anyone concerned. We are hoping that your comment should be intended for the improvement of every content relative to the visitor's needs.

We are happy and inspired to continue writing and posting more helpful mathematics-related issues and concerns. 

Thank you so much.

The author

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