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Posted by : Allan_Dell on Monday, February 25, 2013 | 12:29 AM


- an algebraic expression of one term.

- a mathematical expression consisting of a single term.


In the expression:

1. x ; x is a monomial 'coz it's a single term.

2. xy; xy is a monomial 'coz it's a single term.

3. 2xyz; 2xyz is a monomial 'coz it's a single term.

4. x + 2y;  x + 2y is not a monomial 'coz it's not a single term. It is a binomial.

So the following is the example of a monomial or binomial.

EXPRESSION                                               TERM

1. xyz                                                              monomial
2. s -t                                                              binomial
3. 2xyz                                                            monomial
4. abc                                                              monomial
5. 2x + y                                                          binomial


Identify what are the given expressions' term(s).

a). x 

b) a+b 

c). b3 -b2 +b

d). ( a - b + c)

e). a2 – 2ab + b2

f).  x2  + y2

g). (2a-1) (a+2b)

h). (2a2 + 4ab) – (a -2b)

i). a(a-2b+3c)

j). t+1

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