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Posted by : Allan_Dell on Monday, September 30, 2013 | 10:04 PM



Mathematics remain as the difficult subject in the academe. This is so because the proportion of knowing how to make a solution is still less than the problems appear in every math session.

Mathsolver provides mathematical ideas through its simplified  examples illustrated. Our main objective is to contribute our way of handling mathematics easy. Some posted topics here were remain unsolved. This is because it is intended for the learners to solve the problem their own way so that from the examples given they can gradually develop solutions. The owner of this site uses different text books both local and international. These books were:


1. College Algebra by William Hart
2. College Algebra by Paul R. Rider
3. Advanced MathematicaklConcept by Merrill


1. Basic Statistics by Lydia M. Ybanez
2. 21st Century Mathematics by Simon L. Chua Et. Al.
3. Basic Probability and Statistics by Winston S. Sirug Ph.D.
4. Statistics with Computer byLaurentina Paler-Calmorin

Our special thanks and credit to those authors written the said textbooks.

We are accepting comments, suggestions or even requests to aid those who are in difficulty in the said subject.
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